Combat Robots 

Students will be challenged to design & create robots to compete in agility challenges. Challenges such as Drag Race & Obstacle Course, Robot Soccer, and Robot Sumo. During this time students will be introduced to Robotic Engineering terminology, thinking processes, and practices. 

Lego Robotics Trials 

Students will follow structured blueprints to create several robots to meet certain specs and requirements. Concluding with a final build challenge combining everything learned throughout the camp. During this time students will be introduced to key field terminology and practices to find real-world connections to things learned in school and during this camp. 

Minecraft Makers: Engineering Edition 

Students will build a personal computer where they will complete custom Minecraft challenges and exercises. Students will be introduced to computer programming, thinking processes, virtual circuitry, and electrical wiring. 

Battle Pilots

Students will learn about the basic principles of flight operations for drones and steering tactics for custom RC builds.  Basic rules/regulations, safety and terminology will be covered to support students interested in pursuing unmanned piloting certifications. This course exposes students to tools, equipment and terminology centered around STEAM fields,  allowing for real connections to be made. 

Chess Boot Camp

Students will be placed in a competitive environment, where their chess skills will be pushed to the next level. Student will learn how to track their moves via chess notation.  Student introduced to professional chess openings and challenged to find ways to beat each. Lastly students will learn the fundamentals of speed chess, challenging peers and upper level AI to matches.